The Earle Factor: It’s the tangible and intangible extras that Earle Whitmore brings to each real estate transaction that make all the difference. Here is what the Earle Factor looks like when she’s working with her sellers:

When a contract is presented on her seller’s listing. Earle calls and discusses the buyer’s qualifications with the buyer’s lender. If the lender won’t talk to her she gets the buyer’s agent to get the buyer to give the lender permission to talk to Earle. This allows Earle to better assess the qualifications of the buyer and advise her seller.

Dotting the “I’s” and Crossing the “T’s”. On every contract on her listings, Earle actually reads the contract and ensures all blanks and parts are correctly completed. When there is a part (usually handwritten by the buyer or buyer’s agent which is not obvious in its meaning, Earle contacts the buyer’s agent for clarification. That’s thoroughness that not every agent provides.

Occasionally Earle contacts an attorney for interpretation on a contract clause. All this is done before Earle presents the offer to her seller. When Earle presents the contract, everything is clear and clearly explained. No surprises or questions.

When the contract is ratified there are no administrative “loop holes” remaining. Earle is so thorough, that you know everything has been initialed/signed/dated so that all that remains are the agreed upon contingencies (home inspections, financing, etc.)

All contract “time clocks” are monitored until removed. It is very labor intensive and time consuming to follow all the time clocks outlined in a contract, but that’s the only way Earle and her team know how to work.

Earle creates the most thorough and detailed property brochures. They are designed to cover all the details, both for contract purposes and to anticipate and answer prospective buyers’ questions.

Earle makes sure to follow up after the settlement to ensure her sellers get their proceeds and that they are accurate. She makes sure they received certificate of satisfactions for loans paid off, too. All this requires a lot of manpower and detailed work to keep up with, but that’s the Earle Factor in effect.

Earle helps her sellers at tax time. At the beginning of each year Earle sends the HUD-1 form with a cover letter and a tax analysis of a generalized HUD-1 to every person with whom she helped on a transaction the previous year. Usually the HUD-1 is needed for preparing taxes Earle supplies a copy just in case her sellers may have misplaced it.

The Earle Factor means property marketing on a higher level. No agent puts in as much attention to the marketing of his or her listings as Earle invests. That means much better pictures for a better property brochure. It is checked and rechecked for factual accuracy and updated as the season changes. Earle and her team make each property as desirable as possible to attract the most prospective buyers.

The Earle Factor is all about communication and constant contact. Every seller gets called at least once a week. Earle’s sellers are never in the dark.

You can say the Earle Factor is the Human Factor. You won’t get lost in voice mail when you call Earle. A live person will answer your questions and resolve your issues, quickly and accurately.

The Earle Factor means responsive and timely. Earle responds to her clients and events in a very timely fashion. It’s little things like no brochure box is ever empty; no house runs out of listing brochures; when errors are made in the MLS they are corrected immediately. Earle’s MLS entries are the most accurate and up to date of any agents. The Earle Whitmore team works diligently to do all the research for incredible accuracy on her listings and marketing pieces.

All Earle’s marketing is in full color and the highest quality. She feels the quality reflects on her and on the listings she is advertising, and the results speak for themselves. When she mails a property postcard, it’s sent to at least 3,000 addresses. The Earle Factor is not about scrimping and chintzy advertising. It’s topnotch all the way.

Every one of Earle’s listings has its own web site with an individual URL/web address! Every one of Earle’s listings has a text messaging link for instant info for prospective buyers.

The Earle Whitmore team leads the way and embraces all technological advances such as text messaging, visual tours, home videos and individual home URL’s, etc. All Email is carefully read, addressed and processed. Virtually all are responded to on the day they are received.

The Earle Factor makes Earle a pleasure to work with....

Agents show Earle’s listings with confidence. They know they will show well, be correctly documented and Earle’s sellers will be well prepared and aware of market conditions.

Because of Earle’s track record and sterling reputation, agents know they will be held to task on the quality of the contract they present to Earle’s sellers. However, they also know once it is ratified, Earle’s team are going to do all the work. Agents know that an Earle contract will go to settlement.

Earle never loses her cool. Her calm demeanor and knowledgeable perspective make her transactions proceed as smoothly as possible.

The Earle Factor is all about a fierce focus on professionalism, accuracy, follow up and a commitment to always go the extra mile to provide the most accurate information and the most timely and responsive service. It’s Earle being a true craftsman who cares about her work and her reputation.

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